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Wed, 19 Jun 2013

Arrivederci to all that

Since a couple of years ago there's been a new camel in town, and it's a not-writing-a-blog camel. Sorry about that. I think this camel originates in Oxford somewhere, and has been following me around, but I'm trying to get rid of him.

My year in Lugano is fast receding into the distant past. It's a hard year to summarise. Work-wise, I learnt less and gained (even) less satisfaction than in the previous year, but I have also ticked a lot more career boxes. So I have possibly made more progress towards some future satisfaction, whenever that might turn up. More personally, it feels as though the year's generally low-fun diet has further chipped away at whatever youthful exuberance I had left. But I'm hoping that it's reversible. There's not much substitute for company that makes you laugh, .

I have actually still been writing the occasional blog item—just not actually finishing or posting them. But I'm going to follow this post up immediately with one for which I even did the finishing bit, just not (until now) the posting bit.

(That reminds me: I need to write some macros to make it easier to include photos in these pages. I'm sure some of my reticence is down to the fact that my web set up makes it unnecessarily much faff to post things.)

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